The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Status Key

1st First Reading
2nd Second Reading
LA Law Amendments Committee
PL Private & Local Bills Committee
WH Committee of the Whole House
3rd Third Reading
RA Royal Assent
* Bill was amended in Committee

Listed below are all Bills from the current or most recent session of the House. Explanatory Notes are on each Bill's individual page.

The date provided indicates the date when the bill changed status to the status shown in the left hand column.

56th Assemblée générale, 6th session

House Opened: November 20, 1997
House Adjourned: December 12, 1997
House Dissolved: February 12, 1998

Status No. Title Date
1st1Wildlands Protection Act November 21, 1997
1st12Gasoline and Diesel Oil Fair-marketing Practices Act December 1, 1997
1st11Workers' Compensation Act December 1, 1997
1st13Halifax Regional Municipality Act December 1, 1997
2nd4Stewiacke Deed Transfer Tax Act December 2, 1997
1st17Wilderness Areas Protection Act December 9, 1997
1st18Lunenburg Common Lands Act December 9, 1997
1st19Gaelic College Foundation Act December 10, 1997
1st20Forests Act December 11, 1997
1st21Freedom of Information Act December 11, 1997
RA9Judicature Act* December 12, 1997
RA10Rainbow Haven Act December 12, 1997
RA16La Picasse Tax Exemption Act December 12, 1997
RA6Cape Breton Regional Municipality Act December 12, 1997
RA8Family Maintenance Act* December 12, 1997
RA5Highway Workers Collective Bargaining Act December 12, 1997
RA7Licences, Permits, Registrations and Certifications Act December 12, 1997
RA2Income Tax Act December 12, 1997
RA14Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ Incorporation Act December 12, 1997
RA3Beaver Bank Act December 12, 1997
1st22Halifax Regional Municipality Act December 12, 1997
RA15St. Peter's and Area Lions Club Lands Act December 12, 1997