The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House adjourned:
October 26, 2017.

Bill No. 157

Government Records Act (amended)

An Act to Amend Chapter 7 of the Acts of 1995-96, the Government Records Act

Introduced by:
Honourable Labi Kousoulis
Minister of Internal Services

First Reading
Second Reading Debates
Second Reading Passed
Law Amendments Committee
    Meeting Date(s) April 25, 2016
    Reported to the House
Committee of the Whole House
Third Reading Debates
Third Reading
Royal Assent
Commencement February 15, 2017
2016 Statutes, Chapter 8

Explanatory Note

Clause 1
(a) adds definitions of “common records schedule” and “records management”; and
(b) amends the definition of “records” and “records schedules” to make them more reflective of present-day concepts.
Clause 2 sets out the Minister’s responsibilities for records management and related activities and gives examples of the types of activities the Minister may offer to public bodies.
Clause 3
(a) updates the names of government departments;
(b) authorizes the Minister rather than the Governor in Council to appoint no more than two persons to the Government Records Committee; and
(c) repeals a provision making the Provincial Archivist chair of the Government Records Committee.
Clause 4 sets out the responsibilities of the Government Records Committee.
Clause 5 repeals two provisions that are no longer required.
Clause 6 amends a subsection to state that all records schedules require the approval of the Minister.
Clause 7 expands the list of duties of the head of a public body.
Clause 8
(a) expands the regulation-making authority of the Minister; and
(b) names the proper authority of the regulation-making authority.
Clause 9 provides that this Act comes into force on proclamation.