The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House adjourned:
October 26, 2017.

Bill No. 162

Elections Act (amended)

An Act to Amend Chapter 5 of the Acts of 2011, the Elections Act

Introduced by:
Honourable Diana C. Whalen
Minister responsible for the Elections Act

First Reading
Second Reading Debates
Second Reading Passed
Law Amendments Committee
    Meeting Date(s) May 2, 2016
    Reported to the House
Committee of the Whole House
Third Reading Debates
Third Reading
Royal Assent
Commencement May 20, 2016
2016 Statutes, Chapter 7

Explanatory Note

Clause 1
(a) changes the beginning of the election period for a by-election from the occurrence of a vacancy to the issuance of the writ and changes the end of the election period for a general election or a by-election from when a candidate is elected to the close of polls on election day; and
(b) corrects the alphabetical order of the clauses.
Clause 2 imposes a maximum writ period of 46 days.
Clause 3 allows a candidate at a general election, and any spouse of the candidate who lives with the candidate, the option of voting in any polling division in the electoral district in which the candidate is running.
Clause 4 allows Elections Nova Scotia to add fictitious names to the lists of electors provided to municipalities and school boards for their elections, as is done with the lists provided to parties, candidates and MLAs, to enhance its ability to uncover misuse of the list of electors and to assist in tracing the source of the misuse.
Clause 5 clarifies the instructions for the presiding officer with respect to ballots from continuous polls.
Clause 6 amends the definition of “election expenses” to align it with the new definition of “during an election”.
Clause 7 requires the collection of signatures on the petition supporting an application for registration of a political party within 12 months of the date of submission.
Clause 8 requires the official agent to return unused tax receipts to the Chief Electoral Officer.
Clause 9 expands the prohibition on campaign advertising to include advertising within 60 metres of the entrance to a polling station.
Clause 10 amends the House of Assembly Act to align the maximum writ period with that in the Elections Act as a result of Clause 2.