The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Bill No. 54

Environment Act (amended)

An Act to Amend Chapter 1 of the Acts of 1994-95, the Environment Act

Introduced by:
Honourable Denise Peterson-Rafuse
Chester–St. Margaret's

First Reading
Second Reading Debates
Second Reading Passed
Law Amendments Committee
Committee of the Whole House
Third Reading Debates
Third Reading
Royal Assent

Explanatory Note

Clauses 1 and 2 allow the Minister to choose who prepares focus reports and environmental assessments. Clause 2 also requires the consideration of the impact of climate change in environmental assessments.
Clause 3 deems certain classes of undertakings to be Class II undertakings as defined in the regulations.

Clause 4 allows the Governor in Council to make regulations for a program providing funding to assist members of the public and organizations of members of the public in participating in review panels.

Clause 5 makes financial or other security or the carrying of insurance mandatory.