The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House adjourned:
October 26, 2017.

These offices and officials support the work of the Legislature.


Neil Ferguson
Neil Ferguson
Chief Clerk of the House

The Clerks are responsible for providing advice and support to the Speaker and the Members on procedural matters of the Assembly.


The Sergeant-at-Arms is the Guardian of the Mace which is the symbol of Parliamentary authority. He assists the Speaker in maintaining order in the Chamber.

Legislative Counsel

The legislative counsel are the lawyers for the House of Assembly. They are not only legislative counsel, but also parliamentary counsel, providing legal counsel to the House of Assembly, the Speaker and the Office of the Speaker.

House of Assembly Management Commission

An all-party legislative body responsible for regulating services to Members of the House of Assembly and the remuneration or allowances paid to each Member.

Conflict of Interest Commissioner

The Commissioner has all the powers, privileges and immunities of a commissioner appointed pursuant to the Public Inquiries Act and can initiate an inquiry on any matter pursuant to the Members and Public Employees Disclosure Act and the Conflict of Interest Act.

Speaker's Administration Office

The Speaker’s Office was established in 1980 to incorporate the Legislature and related departments into a more comprehensive administration that resulted from the expanded role of the Speaker.

Legislative Library

The Legislative Library’s primary mandate is to serve the information needs of the Members of the House of Assembly, their caucus and constituency office staff and staff of the Legislature.

Legislative Committees

The Legislative Committees Office, under the direction of the Speaker, is responsible for providing administrative support for the majority of the Standing Committees, Select Committees and commissions of the Legislature.