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26 octobre 2017

Projet de loi no 104

Trustees of Liverpool United Baptist Church Act, An Act to incorporate (amended)

An Act to Amend Chapter 132 of the Acts of 1948, An Act to Incorporate the Trustees of Liverpool United Baptist Church

Déposé par :
Vicki Conrad

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Note explicative (en anglais seulement)

This Bill amends An Act to Incorporate the Trustees of Liverpool United Baptist Church to

(a) provide membership in the Church is governed by the constitution and by-laws of the Church rather than regional church usage and practice;
(b) require membership approval for the Trustees taking certain actions with respect to property;
(c) increase the value of property that may be dealt with by the Trustees from three hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars;
(d) decrease the majority of members required to approve certain actions of the trustees from four-sevenths of those voting to fifty per cent plus one;
(e) remove the requirement for board authorization for execution of documents;
(f) remove the restriction to being a trustee to “male” members;
(g) reduce the age requirement to be a trustee or to vote on matters pertaining to Church property or the election of trustees from twenty-one years to nineteen;
(h) change notice requirements for meetings from one Sunday before the meeting to two Sundays;
(i) change the procedures for business meetings from Canadian Parliamentary practice to those contained in Robert�s Rules of Order Newly Reviewed; and
(j) change various reference to “Chairman” to “Chair”.