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21 septembre 2017

Projet de loi no 97

Fairer Power Rates Act

An Act to Amend Chapter 380 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Public Utilities Act, to Ensure Fairer Power Rates

Déposé par :
L'honorable Charles Parker
Minister of Energy

Première lecture
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Adoption en deuxième lecture
Comité des modifications des lois
    Date(s) de réunion 13 novembre 2012; 14 novembre 2012
    Rapport à la Chambre
Comité plénier
Débats de la troisième lecture
Débats de la troisième lecture
Sanction royale
Prise d'effet 6 décembre 2012
2012 Statutes, Chapter 41

Note explicative (en anglais seulement)

Clause 1 sets out the short title of this Act.

Clause 2 allows the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to order and obtain an independent savings review from Nova Scotia Power Incorporated (NSPI).

Clause 3 prevents NSPI from being granted a general rate increase that takes effect sooner than 24 months after the last increase. It also prevents NSPI from being granted any further general rate increases, excluding an increase resulting from its existing application before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, that take effect sooner than January 1, 2015, or unless exceptional circumstances exist that have caused or will cause substantial financial harm to ratepayers or to NSPI.

Clause 4 requires that NSPI, by January 1, 2013, and with every rate application made after that, make a report to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board identifying each of its executive employees and how much each of the executive employees is paid. The Board must review the report and either approve it or require that it be amended. If NSPI fails to amend the report within 30 days, the Board must determine who are the executive employees of NSPI. NSPI is prohibited from recovering any bonus or incentive compensation or any other remuneration paid to an executive employee of NSPI, other than what is prescribed by the regulations, from any rate, charge or fee approved by the Board.

Clause 5 allows the Governor in Council to make regulations

(a) prescribing the remuneration of an executive employee of NSPI that NSPI may recover from a rate, charge or fee approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board and tying the prescribed remuneration to that of deputy ministers;

(b) defining words and expressions used but not defined in the Act and further defining words and expressions defined in the Act; and

(c) respecting anything necessary or advisable to carry out the intent and purpose of the Act.