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21 septembre 2017

Projet de loi no 102

Education Act (amended)

An Act to Amend Chapter 1 of the Acts of 1995-96, the Education Act

Déposé par :
L'honorable Ramona Jennex
Minister of Education

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Adoption en deuxième lecture
Comité des modifications des lois
    Date(s) de réunion 13 novembre 2012; 14 novembre 2012; 20 novembre 2012
    Rapport à la Chambre
Comité plénier
Débats de la troisième lecture
Débats de la troisième lecture
Sanction royale
Prise d'effet Section 1: December 6, 2012; Sections 2 and 3: April 30, 2013
2012 Statutes, Chapter 56

Note explicative (en anglais seulement)

Clause 1 revises the wording in clause 26(1)(l) of the Education Act to be consistent with wording elsewhere in the Act.

Clause 2 revises the Act to require school principals to investigate and respond to reports of severely disruptive behaviour of students and, where the principal believes a student’s well-being has been endangered as a result of the severely disruptive behaviour of any other student, to notify the students’ parents.

Clause 3 adds to the Act a requirement for support staff at a school to report severely disruptive behaviour of a student to the principal.

Clause 4 amends the regulation-making authority in the Act to accommodate the amendments made by this Act.

Clause 5 provides that Sections 2 and 3 of this Act come into force upon proclamation.