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21 septembre 2017

Projet de loi no 95

Consumer Reporting Act (amended)

An Act to Amend Chapter 93 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Consumer Reporting Act

Déposé par :
L'honorable Ramona Jennex
Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

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Adoption en deuxième lecture
Comité des modifications des lois
    Date(s) de réunion 25 novembre 2010
    Rapport à la Chambre
Comité plénier
Débats de la troisième lecture
Débats de la troisième lecture
Sanction royale
Prise d'effet 10 décembre 2010
2010 Statutes, Chapter 47

Note explicative (en anglais seulement)

This Bill authorizes the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, or another person designated by the Minister, to collect identifying information respecting a consumer from consumer reporting agencies for the purpose of collecting a debt or fine owing by the consumer to the Province. The information could include the consumer’s name and address and former addresses, places of employment and former employment and social insurance number.