Assemblée Législative de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Les travaux de la Chambre ont repris le
le14 avril 2016


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  • Evangeline Harvest
  • Evangeline with her father
  • Statute of Justice
  • Friendly Contention
  • A Luminous Space in the Darkness
  • In the churchyard
  • The Royal Commission
  • Evangeline lingered by the church
  • Acadian Women and Their Household Goods
  • Evangeline and her father
  • A Cumbrous Boat
  • Oarsmen
  • A Herdsman Sat on his Horse
  • The Priest and the Herdsman
  • The Thoughts of God in the Heavens
  • Through the Forest
  • Evangeline in the Corn Field
  • Evangline Living as a Sister of Mercy
  • Evangeline and Gabriel
  • Samuel Longfellow's note page 1
  • Samuel Longfellow's note page 2
  • Martin Farquar Tupper note page 1
  • Martin Farquar Tupper note page 2