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The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Nova Scotia House of Assembly - Law Amendments Committee Submissions

Assembly 62, Session 2

Smoke-free Places Act (amended) - Bill 60

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Meeting Date Submitter
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Byron Miller
Thursday, November 6, 2014
Diane Snowdon
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia Division - Kelly Cull, Manager, Government and Partner Relations
Central Kings Community Health Board - John McNeil, Chair
Public Health Services - Jennifer Kendell, Executive Assistant
William Hillier
Christine Lapalme
Glenn White
Amanda Cox
Kris Garby Legge
Megan Dempsey
Craig Canning
Blue Spike Beverages Inc. - Nicolas Gagnon-Oosterwaal, President
John Patenaude
Sherrie MacKay
Charlie Renaud
Doug Hergett
Stephen Peters
Shawn Benteau
Cedar Festival - Michael Kabalen, Vice Chair
Eric Daley
The Vapour Trail - Shauna Walker-Young, Operations Manager
C. McConnell
Clode Macdonald
Martin Parrott
Chris Phillips
National Smokeless Tobacco Company, Ltd. - Jeremy Adams, Director, Government and Corporate Affairs
Michael Murphy
Chad Smith
Mariette Hamel
Brenda Leenders
Kim Murray
Bret Coleman
William Hillier
Leah Poirer
Susan Pickett
Pinky Oliver
Bruce Campbell
Eden Sorrell
Kelly McIntyre
Kevin Crockford
Shawn Benteau
Vito Cuddemi
Nicole Wallace
Tegan Wilson
Mike Hart
Andrew Brown
Jonathan Allison
Nigel Warner
Eden Sorrell
Lyra StarChild
Joshua English
Brandon Gilroy
1001 Nights Cuisine - Mohammad Ranjbar, Operations Manager
Lindsay Hurley
Heather DeLong
Jared MacKenzie
Brent Parry
Hailey Gallant
Stephen Lotherington
Deb Kerr
Stanley Pijl
Debby Sterling
Bambalina Cameron
Amanda Macdonald
Harley Newell
Kim Murray
Blossom Bourque
Marsha Kaczmarek
William Hillier
Kathy Gallant
Kelly Nickerson
John Kaczmarek
Kathy Ward
Nancy Lotherington
Audrey Straker
Gwen Routledge
The End Vapor Shop - Eva Campbell, Co-Owner
Ellen Santarcangelo
Jennifer Hansford
Daniel MacDonald
Lesley Muir
Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia Division - Kelly Cull, Manager, Government and Partner Relations
Casa Cubana - Luc Martial, Vice President, Government Affairs
Casa Cubana - Luc Martial, Vice President, Government Affairs
Robert Wilson
Krystal Zimmer
Paul Theriault
Jennifer Gravel
NDP Caucus
StraitVapor - Tanya Felix, Co-owner
Government of Nova Scotia
Bonnie MacDonald
Merryl Bustin
Colchester East Hants Health Authority - Peter MacKinnon, Chief Executive Officer
Charles Rennison
Stanley Pijl
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
NDP Caucus
Monday, November 3, 2014
Central Kings Community Health Board - John McNeil, Chair
PeopleWorx - Shawna Sequeira, Executive Director
South West Health - Raymond Gaudet, Heath Promoer
Canadian Cancer Society - John Malcolm, Board Member
Melvin Greenlaw
Steven Moores
David Broadbridge
James Ruddy
Chris Enns
Holly Kennedy
Smoke Free Kings - Christina Swetnam, Chair
IWK Health Centre - Nancy Hoddinnott, Executive Director, Primary Health
Rothmans, Benson & Hedges - Michael Klander
Dr. Louise Parker
National Smokeless Tobacco Co. - Jeremy Adams, Director
Kingston Greenwood Community Health Board - Daisy Dwyer, Chair
Western Kings Community Health Board - Johanna Kwakermaak
Kim Pye
Todd Leader
Chris Salah
Natalia El-Moukhtafi
College of Dental Hygienists of NS - Paulette Hawksworth
Mark Chedrawe
Marika Schenkels
Sami Jreige
Heart and Stroke Foundation - Catherine Droesbeck, Community Health Promotion Lead
Canadian Cancer Society - Rob Cunningham, Senior Policy Analyst, Kelly Cull, Manager, Government and Partner Relations
Electronic Cigarette Trade Association - Daniel David, Chair
Krista McCullin
Jason Hubbard
Nicholas Flynn
Tony Wood-Keller
Simon Salah
Doctors Nova Scotia - Kevin Champan, Director of Health Policy and Promotion
Atlantic Convenience Stores Association - Mike Hammond, President
Smoke-less NS Limited - Kyle Kurts, Business Owner
Heather DeLong
Chris Phillips
Cedric Hughtes
Michael Kabalen
Mohammad Ranjbar
John Kaczmarek
Eva Campbell
Marsha Kaczmarek
Ray Yeates
The End Vapor Shop - Shai Sinnis, Co-owner