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September 21, 2017.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013






Agenda Setting



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Ms. Pam Birdsall (Chairman)

Ms. Vicki Conrad

Mr. Clarrie MacKinnon

Mr. Brian Skabar

Ms. Lenore Zann

Hon. Keith Colwell

Mr. Geoff MacLellan

Mr. Chuck Porter

Mr. Eddie Orrell


[Ms. Vicki Conrad was replaced by Mr. Graham Steele.]

[Mr. Brian Skabar was replaced by Mr. Mat Whynott.]



In Attendance:


Ms. Jana Hodgson

Legislative Committee Clerk












9:00 A.M.



Ms. Pam Birdsall


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Good morning, everyone. Happy New Year; I hope you all had a good holiday. We’re starting this morning with an agenda setting, so before we start we’ll ask everyone to introduce themselves.


            [The committee members introduced themselves.]


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Thank you. Today we’re going over our witness selection and agenda setting. You have in front of you your agendas; then we’ll be talking about a letter from the Honourable Keith Colwell. We’ll also be discussing our plans for the tour of the Daewoo plant and talking about dates for other meetings. To start, we’ll have a motion for the witness selection.


            MS. LENORE ZANN: Madam Chairman, I’d like to make a motion. Looking over the lists here today, I’d like to make a motion that for the NDP caucus we choose the Centre for Women in Business, and also the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism regarding Community Economic Development Investment Fund.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: We’ll do these all in one motion.


            MS. ZANN: Also, for the Liberal caucus I’d like to suggest the Community Foundations of Canada: Vital Signs . . .


            HON. KEITH COLWELL: Just one second, please.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: This is all one motion.


            MR. COLWELL: I don’t like another Party suggesting what we want to have on the agenda.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: We’re putting it together as a motion on the floor. Continue.


            MS. ZANN: We’ve done this in other committees too. Personally, I’d like to see the Community Foundations of Canada: Vital Signs Nova Scotia Report; and then for the PC caucus, also No. 1, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Government Asphalt Plant.


There is one other extra one there too, Madam Chairman, and I know they’ve been waiting for a little while to get in, but I’d like to see them: Dalhousie University, Vice-President of Research, regarding the positive economic and cultural impact Dalhousie has on the province.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Thank you. There is a motion on the floor. Is there any discussion?


Would all those in favour of the motion please say Aye. Contrary minded, Nay.


            The motion is carried.


            MR. COLWELL: Madam Chairman, I have never gone to a committee before that each caucus didn’t have the opportunity to put their witnesses forward. It has never been done like this and I’ve been here for a long, long time. I’ve never seen this before.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: I can certainly say that if you read through any Hansard you’ll find a number of examples of a motion put forward and certainly a way to . . .


            MR. COLWELL: I object to that, because it has been picked by . . .


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Well, it’s certainly a way to proceed and that’s how it’s being done.


            MR. COLWELL: Madam Chairman, I would like to get this on the record.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Certainly.


            MR. COLWELL: I’ve never seen this happen ever before and I’d like to see the examples that you’ve stated.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Certainly, the most recent Human Resources meeting. It’s in Hansard.


            MR. COLWELL: Well, I guess it’s a new way to . . .


            MR. MAT WHYNOTT: Madam Chairman, there was no objection at that point from the Opposition - as Chairman of the Human Resources Committee - no member of the Opposition voted against that; in fact, this motion that just passed, no Opposition member voted against it.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Thank you. So with these different witnesses, I would suggest that we have Dalhousie come first thing as they’ve been waiting for such a long time. Agreed?


            SOME HON. MEMBERS: Agreed.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Now we’ll discuss the letter from Mr. Colwell. At the last meeting Mr. Colwell questioned when we were going to actually go to the Daewoo plant, and if we were going to go to the plant. We had discussed it last year and we were looking to see how it could actually happen and when it could happen, and at that point we were looking at discussing the estimates - what it would cost - were we going to have just a tour or were we going to have an off-site meeting?


So we looked at various things. We were talking about having it in the Spring and, in fact, in June, when we were hoping to have it on our regular date, but that was the out-of-town caucus planning for the Liberal Party so we weren’t able to do it at that point. We have looked at details of cost and to take everything, take us and Hansard to do an actual meeting up there would be between $2,700 and $3,500, which certainly is up for discussion with the committee, but it seems like an awful lot to do to have a meeting there. Initially the idea was to see the actual plant and to see what the plant is like.


I would like to hear thoughts about that. Me, I would certainly suggest that we not have an on-site meeting. It would be a very nice way to end up the year, to do the trip and the tour. I’m open to discussion.


            SOME HON. MEMBERS: Agreed.


            MR. COLWELL: I’ve got a question. Is the plant still in operation?


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Yes.


            MR. COLWELL: It is?


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Yes.


            MR. COLWELL: Okay, thank you.


MADAM CHAIRMAN: So are we thinking in June? Are we in agreement? In other times I know that when you were chairman, Mr. Colwell, you had other off-site trips. I understand that at one point - I’m not sure if it was one of your trips - they talked about getting a bus and people thought well, they’d like to go on their own after a bus was hired, so I think only two people were on the bus and everyone else drove their own so they could have their own timetables. Maybe we could carpool or something like that, if that would work?


            SOME HON. MEMBERS: Agreed.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: Okay, all right. So we’ll work on getting that lined up. It sounds like June would be a very good time and certainly I think at our last meeting someone said “when the weather’s nice, let’s consider it at that point.”


            Okay, our next meeting will be February 12th and then our March meeting, to discuss dates for that, our regular meeting would be March 12th but that’s March break; the 5th, the PC caucus has their off-site caucus planning that date; and the 26th is Human Resources. So it looks like the 19th would be the date in March that we would have our meeting. Is that fine with everyone?


            SOME HON. MEMBERS: Agreed.


            MS. ZANN: Did you say February 12th as well?


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: February 12th is our next meeting, yes. If we can arrange things the way we hope, then that would be Dalhousie University as our witness.


Is there any other business to discuss?


            MR. WHYNOTT: Motion to adjourn.


            MADAM CHAIRMAN: The meeting is adjourned.


            [The committee adjourned at 9:11 a.m.]