The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House adjourned:
October 26, 2017.

Standing Committee on Economic Development

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Meeting Date Witness(es)
2000-Nov-21 Information Technology Industry Alliance of Nova Scotia
2000-Oct-31 Britech Information Systems
2000-Oct-17 Communities in Bloom
2000-Sep-26 Georgia-Pacific Canada, Inc.
2000-Sep-26 Georgia-Pacific Canada, Inc.
2000-May-30 Nova Scotia Cultural Network
2000-May-2 Air Transportation
2000-Apr-4 Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia
2000-Mar-28 Film Industry of Nova Scotia
2000-Mar-7 Offshore/Onshore Technologies Association
2000-Feb-22 Highway No. 101
2000-Feb-22 Fuel and Oil Increases and Taxation
2000-Feb-8 TIANS
2000-Jan-25 Truckers Association of Nova Scotia
2000-Jan-11 Business Development Corp. & ACOA
1999-Dec-7 Organizational Meeting
1999-Jun-15 Devco Union Representatives
1999-Jun-1 Guysborough Co. RDA/New Dawn/UCCB
1999-May-11 United Families
1999-Apr-20 University College of Cape Breton
1999-Apr-6 Cape Breton Development Corp.
1999-Mar-12 Cape Breton Development Corp.
1999-Mar-5 Cape Breton Development Corp.
1999-Feb-26 Cape Breton Development Corp. (Organizational)
1999-Jan-15 Connections Nova Scotia
1998-Dec-4 MAI Commissioner
1998-Nov-9 Halifax Port Corporation
1998-Oct-23 Organizational Session
1996-Jun-6 Cape Breton Regional Municipality
1996-May-23 United Mine Workers of America