The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House adjourned:
October 26, 2017.

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

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Meeting Date Witness(es) Video Audio
2017-Nov-8 Office of the Auditor General  
2017-Oct-18 Department of Internal Services 2017-Oct-18 2017-Oct-18
2017-Oct-4 Office of the Auditor General 2017-Oct-4 2017-Oct-4
2017-Sep-27 Department of Education and Early Childhood Development 2017-Sep-27 2017-Sep-27
2017-Sep-20 Organizational Meeting 2017-Sep-20 2017-Sep-20
2017-Apr-26 Doctors Nova Scotia 2017-Apr-26 2017-Apr-26
2017-Apr-19 Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness 2017-Apr-19 2017-Apr-19
2017-Apr-12 Department of Finance and Treasury Board/Department of Health & Wellness 2017-Apr-12 2017-Apr-12
2017-Apr-5 Department of Health & Wellness 2017-Apr-5 2017-Apr-5
2017-Mar-29 Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture/Department of Agriculture 2017-Mar-29 2017-Mar-29
2017-Mar-22 Department of Municipal Affairs 2017-Mar-22 2017-Mar-22
2017-Mar-8 Department of Health and Wellness/Nova Scotia Health Authority 2017-Mar-8 2017-Mar-8
2017-Mar-1 Department of Municipal Affairs - Emergency Management Office 2017-Mar-1 2017-Mar-1
2017-Feb-8 Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal 2017-Feb-8 2017-Feb-8
2017-Feb-1 Department of Municipal Affairs - Sustainable Transportation 2017-Feb-1 2017-Feb-1
2017-Jan-25 Departments of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal and Health & Wellness, re P3s for Public Infrastructure 2017-Jan-25 2017-Jan-25
2017-Jan-18 Nova Scotia Business Inc. 2017-Jan-18 2017-Jan-18
2016-Dec-14 Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal / Tourism Nova Scotia 2016-Dec-14 2016-Dec-14
2016-Dec-7 Office of the Auditor General 2016-Dec-7 2016-Dec-7
2016-Nov-16 Department of Health and Wellness / Department of Community Services 2016-Nov-16 2016-Nov-16
2016-Nov-9 Departments of Energy/Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal 2016-Nov-9 2016-Nov-9
2016-Nov-2 Department of Health and Wellness and Nova Scotia Health Authority 2016-Nov-2 2016-Nov-2
2016-Oct-26 Office of the Auditor General 2016-Oct-26 2016-Oct-26
2016-Oct-19 Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage 2016-Oct-19 2016-Oct-19
2016-Oct-12 Office of the Auditor General 2016-Oct-12 2016-Oct-12
2016-Oct-5 Department of Seniors 2016-Oct-5 2016-Oct-5
2016-Sep-28 Department of Health and Wellness/Nova Scotia Health Authority 2016-Sep-28 2016-Sep-28
2016-Sep-21 Department of Business - Rural Internet Access 2016-Sep-21 2016-Sep-21
2016-Sep-14 Nova Scotia Office of Immigration 2016-Sep-14 2016-Sep-14
2016-Jun-8 Office of the Auditor General - Spring 2016 Report 2016-Jun-8 2016-Jun-8
2016-Jun-1 Office of Service Nova Scotia - Registry Infrastructure Renewal 2016-Jun-1 2016-Jun-1
2016-May-11 Department of Education, Chignecto-Central, Halifax and Strait Regional School Boards 2016-May-11 2016-May-11