The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

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Meeting Date Witness(es) Video Audio
2001-Feb-28 2000 Auditor General's Report  
2001-Feb-14 Nova Scotia Credit Rating  
2001-Feb-7 Department of Finance - Fuel Tax  
2001-Jan-31 Finalization of 1999-2000 Annual Report  
2001-Jan-24 Agenda Setting Session  
2001-Jan-10 Annual Report Session  
2000-Dec-6 Annual Report Session  
2000-Nov-29 Student Assistance  
2000-Nov-15 Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission  
2000-Nov-8 Halifax Port Authority  
2000-Oct-25 National Highway System  
2000-Oct-18 Universities Federal Funding Component  
2000-Jun-21 Pharmacare Program  
2000-Jun-7 Department of Health  
2000-May-24 Nova Scotia Liquor Commission  
2000-May-10 Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority  
2000-May-3 Nova Scotia Resources Limited  
2000-Apr-26 Ground Ambulance Service  
2000-Apr-12 P3 Audit by KPMG  
2000-Apr-5 Bras d'Or Waterfront Project  
2000-Mar-22 Sale of Sysco  
2000-Mar-8 Department of Transportation and Public Works  
2000-Feb-23 Snow and Ice Control Audit Review  
2000-Feb-9 Bras d'Or Waterfront Project  
2000-Feb-2 Alternative Dispute Resolution Program  
2000-Jan-19 1999 Auditor General's Report  
2000-Jan-12 1999 Auditor General's Report  
1999-Dec-8 P3 Schools  
1999-Nov-18 Nova Scotia Resources Limited  
1999-Nov-3 Mac Timber  
1999-May-19 Atlantic Lottery Corporation  
1999-May-5 Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation  
1999-Apr-7 Setting the Agenda  
1999-Mar-31 Year 2000 Readiness  
1999-Mar-3 Auditor General's Report