The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

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Meeting Date Witness(es) Video Audio
2004-May-12 Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation  
2004-May-5 Treasury and Policy Board  
2004-Apr-28 Bluenose II Preservation Trust  
2004-Apr-14 Auditor General of Nova Scotia  
2004-Mar-31 Working Session/Setting the Agenda  
2004-Mar-24 Treasury and Policy Board  
2004-Mar-10 Mr. Andrew Barker  
2004-Mar-3 Department of Finance  
2004-Mar-2 Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedures  
2004-Feb-25 Department of Health - Long-term Care  
2004-Feb-4 Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents  
2004-Jan-28 Department of Education  
2004-Jan-14 District Health Authorities  
2004-Jan-13 Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedures  
2004-Jan-7 Auditor General Report 2003  
2003-Dec-10 Department of Community Services  
2003-Dec-3 Department of Finance  
2003-Nov-26 Office of the Auditor General  
2003-Nov-19 Emergency Measures Organization  
2003-Nov-12 Department of Transportation RIM Program  
2003-Nov-5 Subcommitee on Agenda and Procedures  
2003-Oct-29 District Health Authorities  
2003-Oct-22 Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation  
2003-Oct-8 Organizational Meeting and Agenda Setting  
2003-May-28 Energy Strategy  
2003-May-7 Culture Division Programs  
2003-Apr-30 Nova Scotia Debt and Credit Rating  
2003-Apr-23 Restorative Justice Program  
2003-Apr-16 School Capital Construction Program  
2003-Apr-9 P3 Leasing  
2003-Mar-26 Emergency Measures Organization - 911  
2003-Mar-19 Sport and Recreation Commission  
2003-Feb-26 Office of the Auditor General  
2003-Feb-19 Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation  
2003-Jan-29 Agenda Setting Session