The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

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Meeting Date Witness(es) Video Audio
2010-Feb-24 Agenda Setting 2010-Feb-24 2010-Feb-24
2010-Feb-3 2010 Report of the Auditor General   2010-Feb-3
2010-Jan-20 Deloitte & Touche Financial Review   2010-Jan-20
2009-Dec-9 Department of Economic & Rural Development/Nova Scotia Business Inc.   2009-Dec-9
2009-Dec-2 Truck Safety   2009-Dec-2
2009-Nov-18 Pandemic Preparedness   2009-Nov-18
2009-Nov-4 Emergency Rooms   2009-Nov-4
2009-Oct-28 Federal/Provincial Infrastructure Plan/Stimulus Package   2009-Oct-28
2009-Oct-7 Pandemic Preparedness   2009-Oct-7
2009-Sep-30 Pandemic Preparedness   2009-Sep-30
2009-Sep-9 Organizational Meeting   2009-Sep-9
2009-Apr-29 April 2009 Report of the Auditor General   2009-Apr-29
2009-Apr-15 Department of Labour and Workforce Development - Skills & Learning Branch  
2009-Mar-25 Nova Scotia Community College  
2009-Mar-11 Department of Economic and Rural Development - ACA Co-operative Ltd.  
2009-Feb-25 Department of Health - Home Care Program  
2009-Feb-18 Department of Finance - Payment to Vendors  
2009-Feb-11 Department of Labour and Workforce Development - Pension Regulation  
2009-Feb-4 Tar Ponds Cleanup Program - Sydney Tar Ponds Agency  
2009-Jan-21 Department of Environment - Environmental Home Assessment Program  
2009-Jan-14 Health Promotion & Protection/Agriculture - Listeriosis & Food Inspections  
2008-Dec-10 Department of Finance/Nova Scotia Pension Agency  
2008-Dec-3 Petroleum Products Pricing Regulations  
2008-Nov-26 November 2008 Report of the Auditor General  
2008-Nov-12 Scotia Surgery Pilot Project/Wait Times Reduction Fund  
2008-Nov-5 Off-Highway Vehicle Buy-Back Program  
2008-Oct-15 Department of Economic Development/Office of Immigration  
2008-Oct-8 South Shore Regional School Board  
2008-Oct-1 Auditor General Report on Nova Scotia Nominee Program  
2008-Sep-17 Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedures  
2008-Jun-11 Auditor General - Nova Scotia Nominee Program Report  
2008-May-21 Department of Health - Seniors' Pharmacare  
2008-May-7 Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedures  
2008-Apr-30 Trade Centre Limited  
2008-Apr-23 Department of Health Promotion and Protection - Communicable Disease Prevention and Control