The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House adjourned:
October 26, 2017.

Standing Committee on Community Services

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Meeting Date Witness(es)
2009-Nov-3 Poverty Reduction Strategy
2009-Oct-20 Organizational Meeting
2009-Apr-7 Organizational Meeting
2009-Mar-3 Canadian Federation of Students
2009-Feb-3 Nova Scotia Association of Health Organizations (NSAHO)
2009-Jan-6 Disabled Persons Commission
2008-Dec-2 Provincial Autism Centre
2008-Oct-9 Department of Health - Seniors' Pharmacare Program
2008-Sep-23 Forum on Disabilities - Presentations
2008-Sep-23 Forum on Disabilities - Round Table Discussion
2008-Jun-13 Department of Community Services - Affordable Housing Program/Homelessness
2008-Apr-1 Department of Community Services/United Way of Halifax
2008-Mar-4 Adoption and Foster Care
2008-Feb-5 Early Learning & Child Care Plan
2008-Jan-8 Child and Youth At Risk Strategy
2007-Nov-6 Presentation on Autism
2007-Sep-20 Organizational Meeting
2007-Jun-21 Services for Persons With Disabilities
2007-May-24 National Council on Welfare
2007-Apr-19 Services For Persons With Disabilities
2007-Mar-29 Department of Community Services, Child Care Connection NS, Child Care Advocacy Association Of Canada
2007-Feb-15 Forum on Poverty II - Round Table Discussion/Recommendations
2007-Feb-15 Forum on Poverty II - Presentations
2007-Jan-25 Department of Health, Continuing Care - 2006 Strategic Framework
2006-Nov-30 Department of Community Services, Canada-Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Agreement Program
2006-Oct-26 Department of Community Services, January 2006 Forum on Poverty Recommendations
2006-Sep-7 Organizational Meeting
2006-Apr-20 Crosbie House Society, Addiction Program
2006-Mar-30 Agenda Setting/Forum on Poverty - Deliberations
2006-Mar-30 Sport Nova Scotia - KidSport Program
2006-Feb-23 Forum on Poverty - Deliberations and Recommendations
2006-Feb-23 IWK Mental Health Services for Youth
2006-Jan-26 Forum on Poverty - Deliberations and Recommendations
2006-Jan-26 Dartmouth Family Centre
2006-Jan-13 Forum on Poverty - Deliberations and Recommendations