The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Standing Committee on Community Services

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Meeting Date Witness(es)
2013-Jan-8 Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia
2012-Nov-6 Face of Poverty Consultation
2012-Oct-2 Organizational/Agenda-Setting Meeting
2012-Sep-11 Organizational Meeting
2012-Jun-5 Nova Scotia Department of Community Services
2012-May-1 Coalition of Restorative Justice Agencies
2012-Apr-3 Senator Art Eggleton, P.C.
2012-Mar-6 Retail Council of Canada
2012-Feb-7 Feed Nova Scotia
2012-Jan-10 Alice Housing
2011-Dec-6 Dartmouth Adult Services Centre
2011-Nov-1 Organizational Meeting
2011-Oct-4 Family Service Of Eastern Nova Scotia
2011-Sep-13 Children and Youth in Crisis Taskforce of the Maritime Conference’s Church in Action Committee, United Church of Canada
2011-Jun-7 Nova Scotia Participatory Food Costing Project
2011-May-17 Community Homes Action Group
2011-Apr-5 Department of Community Services & South Shore Family Resource Association/Dress for Success, Halifax
2011-Mar-8 Nova Scotia School Boards Association
2011-Feb-1 Nova Scotia Association of Women's Centres
2011-Jan-11 Department of Community Services - Child Protection and Adoption Services
2010-Dec-7 Department of Community Service / Private Licensed Administrators Association / Non-Profit Directors Association, re Child Care
2010-Nov-2 Department of Community Services / Cape Breton Island Housing Authority / Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia
2010-Sep-7 Organizational Meeting
2010-Jun-1 Department of Health - Children's Mental Health Services
2010-May-4 Services for Persons with Disabilities
2010-May-4 Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre
2010-May-4 Nova Scotia Disabled Persons Commission
2010-Apr-6 Department of Justice - Maintenance Enforcement Program
2010-Mar-2 Community Services/Labour and Workforce Development - Poverty Reduction Strategy
2010-Feb-2 Department of Community Services - Housing/Federal Stimulus Money
2010-Jan-5 Department of Community Services - Child and Youth Strategy
2010-Jan-5 Department of Health Promotion and Protection - Youth Health Centres
2009-Nov-3 Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia
2009-Nov-3 Poverty Reduction Strategy