The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs

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Meeting Date Witness(es) Video Audio
2004-Oct-21 Organizational Meeting  
2004-May-27 Insurance Bureau of Canada  
2004-Feb-26 Royal Canadian Legion  
2004-Jan-15 Veterans Affairs Canada, Atlantic Region  
2003-Nov-20 Royal Canadian Legion  
2003-Oct-30 Organizational Meeting  
2003-May-1 Peacekeeping Day  
2003-Feb-13 Royal Canadian Legion  
2002-Oct-31 Organizational Meeting  
2002-Jan-31 Juno Beach Centre Association  
2001-Nov-15 Royal Canadian Legion  
2001-Oct-25 Organizational Meeting  
2001-Apr-5 Korea War Veterans  
2001-Mar-1 Debert Military History Society  
2001-Feb-8 Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Assn.  
2001-Jan-11 Callow Wheelchair Busses  
2000-Nov-23 Royal Canadian Legion  
2000-May-11 Department of Education  
2000-Feb-24 Prisoner of War Camps  
1999-Dec-2 Pearson Peacekeeping Centre  
1999-Nov-18 Royal Canadian Legion - Nova Scotia Command  
1999-Mar-11 Korean War Veterans - Canada  
1998-Nov-19 Veterans Affairs Canada  
1998-Oct-29 Group Captain Everett Baudoux  
1998-Oct-8 Halifax Rifles Armoury Association  
1998-Aug-6 Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada  
1998-Jul-16 RCL Veterans and Seniors Committee  
1998-Jul-9 Canadian Merchant Marines Navy Veterans Association