The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Note: Due to changes in electoral district names and party affiliations, some MLAs are listed more than once.

Name Party Constituency Start Date End Date
Adams Barbara Progressive Conservative Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage 2017-May-30
Arab Patricia Liberal Party Fairview-Clayton Park 2013-Oct-8
Atwell, Yvonne New Democratic Party Preston 1998-Mar-24 1999-Jun-18
Baillie, Muriel Progressive Conservative Pictou West 1999-Jul-27 2003-Jul-5
Bernard, Joanne Liberal Party Dartmouth North 2013-Oct-8 2017-Apr-30
Birdsall, Pam New Democratic Party Lunenburg 2009-Jun-9 2013-Sep-7
Bolivar-Getson, Carolyn Progressive Conservative Lunenburg West 2003-Aug-5 2009-May-5
Casey Karen Lynn Liberal Party Colchester North 2011-Jan-10
Casey, Karen Lynn Progressive Conservative Colchester North 2006-Jun-13 2011-Jan-10
Chender Claudia New Democratic Party Dartmouth South 2017-May-30
Cochran, Maxine Progressive Conservative Lunenburg Centre 1984-Jun-5 1988-Jul-30
Conrad, Vicki New Democratic Party Queens 2006-Jun-13 2013-Sep-7
Cosman, Francene Liberal Party Bedford-Fall River 1993-May-25 1999-Jun-18
Dechman, Marie Progressive Conservative Lunenburg West 1988-Sep-6 1993-Apr-16
Diab Lena Metlege Liberal Party Halifax Armdale 2013-Oct-8
DiCostanzo Rafah Liberal Party Clayton Park West 2017-May-30
Etter, Cora Progressive Conservative Hants East 1984-Nov-6 1988-Jul-30
Eyking, Pam Liberal Party Victoria-The Lakes 2013-Oct-8 2017-Apr-30
Godin, Rosemary New Democratic Party Sackville-Beaver Bank 1998-Mar-24 1999-Jun-18
Jennex, Ramona New Democratic Party Kings South 2009-Jun-9 2013-Sep-7
Jolly, Sandra Liberal Party Dartmouth North 1988-Sep-6 1998-Jan-9
Kent, Becky New Democratic Party Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage 2007-Oct-17 2013-Sep-7
Leblanc Susan New Democratic Party Dartmouth North 2017-May-30
Lohnes-Croft Suzanne Liberal Party Lunenburg 2013-Oct-8
MacDonald, Helen New Democratic Party Cape Breton the Lakes 1997-Nov-4 1999-Jun-18
MacDonald, Maureen New Democratic Party Halifax Needham 1998-Mar-24 2016-Apr-12
MacFarlane Karla Progressive Conservative Pictou West 2013-Oct-8
MacLean, Melinda Liberal Party Colchester County 1974-Apr-2 1978-Aug-12
Mancini, Marian New Democratic Party Dartmouth South (2013) 2015-Jul-16 2017-Apr-23
Martin Tammy New Democratic Party Cape Breton Centre 2017-May-30
Masland Kim Progressive Conservative Queens-Shelburne 2017-May-30
Massey, Joan New Democratic Party Dartmouth East 2003-Aug-5 2009-May-5
McDonough, Alexa New Democratic Party Halifax Chebucto 1981-Oct-6 1993-May-25
McDonough, Alexa New Democratic Party Halifax Fairview 1993-May-25 1995-Oct-20
McGrath, Mary Ann Progressive Conservative Halifax Bedford Basin 1999-Jul-27 2003-Jul-5
Miller Margaret Liberal Party Hants East 2013-Oct-8
More, Marilyn New Democratic Party Dartmouth South - Portland Valley 2003-Aug-5 2013-Sep-7
Norrie, Eleanor Liberal Party Truro-Bible Hill 1993-May-25 1998-Feb-12
O'Connell, Eileen New Democratic Party Halifax Fairview 1996-Jun-4 2000-Sep-27
O'Connor, Lila Liberal Party Lunenburg 1993-May-25 1998-Feb-12
Paon Alana Progressive Conservative Cape Breton-Richmond 2017-May-30
Peterson-Rafuse, Denise New Democratic Party Chester-St. Margaret's 2009-Jun-9 2017-Apr-30
Porter, Gladys Progressive Conservative Kings North 1960-Jun-7 1967-Apr-20
Purves, Jane Progressive Conservative Halifax Citadel (1967) 1999-Jul-27 2003-Jul-5
Raymond, Michèle New Democratic Party Halifax Atlantic 2003-Aug-5 2013-Sep-7
Regan, Kelly Liberal Party Bedford-Birch Cove 2009-Jun-9 2013-Oct-8
Regan Kelly Liberal Party Bedford 2013-Oct-8
Roberts Lisa New Democratic Party Halifax Needham 2016-Aug-30
Smith-McCrossin Elizabeth Progressive Conservative Cumberland North 2017-May-30
Streatch, Judy Progressive Conservative Chester-St. Margaret's 2005-Jun-21 2009-May-5
Treen, Joyce Liberal Party Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage 2013-Oct-8 2017-Apr-30
Whalen, Diana Liberal Party Halifax Clayton Park 2003-Aug-5 2013-Oct-8
Whalen, Diana C. Liberal Party Clayton Park West 2013-Oct-8 2017-Apr-30
Zann, Lenore New Democratic Party Truro-Bible Hill 2009-Jun-9 2013-Oct-8
Zann Lenore New Democratic Party Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River 2013-Oct-8