The Nova Scotia Legislature

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September 21, 2017.

The Évangéline Collection

Commemorating 400 Years of Acadian Settlement

2004 marked the 400th anniversary of Acadian settlement in North America. To commemorate this auspicious occasion the Nova Scotia Legislative Library created an online exhibit devoted to the Évangéline myth, which details the experiences of a young Acadian woman who devotes her entire life to finding the man she loves from whom she was separated at the time of the deportation. Évangéline searches all through what was to become the United States of America for her true love, Gabriel, tragically finding him on his death-bed in a Philadelphia infirmary.

The Nova Scotia Legislative Library has a large Évangéline collection and has digitized a small portion of it to make it available to the general public.


In 1713, with the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, Acadia became a British possession and Acadians became British subjects. However, the French-English conflict in the region remained.