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                                                   Local Bill

              3rd Session, 56th General Assembly
                         Nova Scotia
                    44 Elizabeth II, 1995

                      An Act Respecting
                    The Truro Curling Club

               The Honourable Eleanor E. Norrie
                       Truro-Bible Hill

         Printed by Queen''s Printer for Nova Scotia
                       An Act Respecting
                     The Truro Curling Club

         Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

         1  This Act may be cited as the Truro Curling Club (1995) Act.

         2  In this Act,

              (a)  "New Club" means the Truro Curling Club, 1995, incorporated pursuant to
         the Societies Act; and

              (b)  "Old Club" means The Truro Curling Club incorporated by Chapter 233 of
         the Acts of 1906, An Act to incorporate The Truro Curling Club.

         3    (1)  All right, title and interest of the Old Club in any real or personal property,
together with all other rights and privileges of the Old Club, are hereby vested in the New Club.

              (2)  All the obligations and liabilities of the Old Club are the obligations and
liabilities of the New Club.

         4    The Old Club is dissolved.

         5    Chapter 233 is repealed.

         6    This Act comes into force on such day as the Governor in Council orders and
declares by proclamation.